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I have always been interested in characters and what makes them tick. When I was much younger I paid close attention to the obvious strokes to a personality, often portrayed in the shows, games and media I consumed and people I observed. The eccentric, wild, conflicted, underestimated, comic ones always resonated with me, and in my internal world, I found myself mimicking their behaviors, often to the confusion of those around me. My love for acting was soon realized, and I channeled my creative energy in that direction during my school years, and after. My favorite part about being an actor is the discovery of a new character and the impact they can have on a story, and experiencing all of that internally and projecting it outwards.

Astrology has become a relatively recent passion of mine in the past few years. Through it I am able to channel my love of characters and see through a particular lens, the “engine under the hood” of a person. Whether or not you believe in astrology, It can offer a tremendous gift, which is self awareness. If we can understand our own behaviors, patterns, strengths and weaknesses; but have it presented in a package the way astrology offers, It opens up a window of understanding and “self love” which I can personally attest to. As soon as I was able to interpret my own birth chart, I experienced a month of everyday revelations concerning my own behavior, and prior as I studied the details. When I am looking at someone else’s birth chart, my goal is to ignite the same self interest, and love, that I experienced when I studied mine.

“Geoff is just a natural with astrology! My session with him gave me so much clarity about who I am! Everything he shared was spot on, which was very validating. While some learn foreign languages Geoff’s proficiency is clearly in the language of the stars and planets!”
E. Lee (animal intuitive)