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Astrology Services

30 Minute Consultation

Consult can be done via phone, skype or facetime. $25 per half hour.

Astrological Profile Writeup

Based on an initial consult, a write-up of your astrological profile can be provided for $50

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it can offer a tremendous gift, which is self awareness. If we can notice the patterns of our behavior, our affinities, weaknesses and shortcomings, we can actively take steps towards self improvement and spiritual growth. If we are lucky enough to know the exact details of our birth, we have the option of looking at the position of the planets, at the exact moment we took our first breath, and see our cosmic fingerprint. Our birth chart is exactly that, and can be read like a map to a persons personality, affinities and weaknesses.

Interpreting a persons birth chart, has 3 primary components of layers that help shape our character, which include the planets, the signs, and the houses. For better understanding think of it with this analogy— consider the planets as Actors, each with their natural talents, skills, and personalities. They have roles they are perfect for, and others, they aren’t, but any skilled actor can make the best of the role they are given (seeing Glenn Close play Jack Sparrow would certainly be interesting, but many of us would be scratching our heads) and the planets work the same way.

When two actors work together, we see the chemistry, sometimes they work well, others not so much. The same is with the planets and the aspects they form to each other. The signs are the costumes they wear, adding flavor, color, and heightening the performance personality, bringing the actor farther into their role. In astrology, it colors our inner characteristics. The houses are the setting the story takes place in, which further characterizes the the actors experience, and in the case of astrology, allows us to narrow down the way a planet’s energy will manifest in the eyes of everyone else, and the individual’s life.


Our Sun sign is determined by the month we are born in. It is meant to represent our conscious selves, wants, behaviors and aptitudes. It has an important role in a person’s birth chart, coloring the personality. Many people fall into the trap in overemphasizing the importance of the sun sign, and dismiss astrology entirely when they decide the characterization of the sun sign doesn’t match their own.


Our Rising sign is very influential on character, and often manifests into physical appearance as well. I have found in my hopeless quest in guessing strangers sun signs, that I actually land on their rising sign instead.


Our moon sign is the emotional life of our personality. It is our private reactions, instincts, and unconscious behaviors in our day to day life. It has a feminine significance, while the sun is more masculine. Depending on a case by case basis, it can be even more character defining and significant than our sun sign.

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