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Sample Horoscope

Your Sun sign is determined by the month we are born in. Our sun represents our cosmic identity, conscious desires, and often reflects the basic parameters of our personality, without emphasizing the details. For you it’s in Gemini, placed in the 11th house. So your are naturally curious, inquisitive, playful, mobil, with a versatile personality. You can adapt easily to new social situations, and welcome interactions with strangers. With your sun placed in the 11th house (community, groups, society) you are very interested in integrating yourself in a community, and being involved with group efforts and sharing. You have great awareness in group settings and are able to identify solutions for the benefit of the whole, and can step into leadership roles. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, thus, Mercury is your ruling planet. It represents our style of thinking, and communicating, and is also placed in Gemini. Its orbit is quite fast, and it is notably retrograde as I type this.

Your moon sign is in Leo, 1st house. The key to understanding our moon sign, is it represents our unconscious desires, instincts, emotions, private reactions, sensitivities. Moon in Leo people are always seeking love and admiration from others. They need to feel appreciated, so they can comfortably give their gift of performance, entertaining, confidence and leadership. If you feel like others aren’t recognizing your efforts, or not appreciating your gifts and talent, you can get resentful. There is an innate child like quality that stays with these people as they age, and their presence fills up a room they just stepped into. Since your moon is in the 1st house (which rules self, surface appearance, personality), you are quite sensitive, emotional and facial expressions often betray true emotions. Moon in first house people (myself included) are very expressive, and what they are feeling is easily reflected to the surface, thus many become performers.

Your rising sign (ascendent) is Cancer. The key to understanding our rising sign, is its the sign who’s traits we unconsciously project to other people. Cancer is the nurturer, the one who mothers. They are sensitive, more passive. Strong cancer types find themselves often caring for other people and intuitively sense the emotions of other people. Cancer is ruled by the moon, thus, the moon is your secondary ruling planet. It has the fastest orbit of all, going through each of the signs in 29 days. Perhaps, if you payed attention to the moons orbit and it’s phases, you might notice correlations to your current emotions.

The key to understanding your chart is through Venus, which is quite prominently placed for you. It’s the planet of desire, art, beauty, selfishness. It’s the softer, more sensual counterpart to Mars (drive, ambition, anger). Your Venus, is placed in Aries, and since Aries is naturally ruled by Mars, Venus is considered in detriment in this position. When Venus is located in the sign Aries (the sign most preoccupied with the Self), our desires, appetites, indulgences, are most often quenched by satisfying the Self or Ego rather than the benefit of others. Thus Venus in Aries can indicate selfish behaviors and materialistic tendencies. On the positive, the love that this placement creates, is very outwardly directed, and felt by others quite strongly. The love you can give is impulsive and energetic. It’s the type of passion, that can be turned up to a blaze at one day, and barely at a simmer on the next.

Your Venus is placed in your 10th house, which focuses on career and public face. With Venus here, your career or work will predictably focus on something that involves art, beauty, interface, spreading love. Something that allows your personality to shine, as Venus in the 10th loves to be seen and heard. You have a very precise trine between Venus and Neptune. A trine represents a 120 degree angle between the planets involved, and is a positive, gifted trait. Neptunes positive astrological traits are imagination, dreams, spirituality, unconsciousness. Its negatives include confusion, escapism and addiction. It is placed in your 6th house, which rules work and health. Neptune only recently discovered (when compared to closer planets) represents the higher octave of Venus. Its energy and traits are quite comparable to each other, as they both deal strongly with artistic talents, but Neptune represents energies that are spiritually on a higher playing field than Venus. When both of their energies align, it makes terrific talent for musicians and artists. Your Neptune is quite strongly aspected in general, and also is squaring your MC (a theoretical point representing career), suggesting you would be bored with ordinary routine jobs, and need some type of vocation that offers creative or spiritual fulfillment.

Another prominent and more challenging aspect you have is Venus opposite Pluto (transformation, death, rebirth, power). On the positive, it heightens charisma and intensity, and gives quite a magnetic personality. High sex appeal is often found here. But there is a frustration concerning personal and romantic relationships. Too much give and not enough take, and vice versa. Games of power play and manipulation are common here. A women with this aspect as strongly as yours, might have incredibly low self esteem, particularly reflected in their relationship, and use sex as a way to keep their perception of value to their partner in tact, all the while their partner becomes increasingly bored with the “treat me as a doormat” behavior or perhaps feeds off it. This all reflects back to the innate desire of Venus, which is to be loved by all and experience pleasure, Pluto adds a darker undertone to that. You also have Venus opposite Jupiter (expansion, growth, excess). Both of these planets are considered to be the most generous, and gift bestowing. So when they are in a hard aspect to each other (like yours are) it suggests a very indulgent personality. Someone who hates to set limits, restrictions and boundaries. They want to hear “yes and love” and cringe at the “no”.

You have quite a lot of planets placed in your 4th house (Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter), which rules home, family, ancestry, roots. Based off this, I don’t think you were raised in consistently stable environment, and expect there was quite a lot of frustration at home growing up. Saturn (rules discipline, restriction, patriarchy) placed here is a big indicator, and it often represents the father (or dominating parent), and in the 4th house suggests there is a lack of love or hard disciplinarian parenting. Mars in the 4th, suggests a sense of burdening restlessness at home, and heightened masculine energy in this area. Pluto (associated with Hates and the underworld) is here, and is always an indicator of transformation, in which ever house it occupies. Perhaps your family moved a lot, and not always for the better. Maybe you struggle with setting down stable roots that stay fixed. Jupiter in the 4th house, throws everything up in the air, because it’s usually considered a blessing in whatever house it occupies. With Jupiter here, Id suspect there are members of your family who you can count on, and that there were elements of home and family, that were quite good. Also/Or, this could indicate your ability to treat other people who aren’t in your blood family, as if they were. Jupiter is placed in Scorpio (while the other 3 occupy Libra), so there is a darker undertone to Jupiters energy, and the type of people you can attract into your life, remember its aspecting Venus, and both of these plants combined say “more, more, more”.

I’ll wrap up with this, the study of Astrology is linked to the Hindu term Karma. Which involves past lives, and karmic debts and so on. For myself I am still figuring this out in my life, but there is a theoretical point which orbits the zodiac wheel like the planets do called the North Node. It indicates where we should direct our energy during the course of this
lifetime, to achieve spiritual fulfillment and personal growth. For you, this point is placed in the 12th house, which rules all things spiritual, unconscious, unseen, faith based, and institutions. Everyone with the north node placed in this house is meant to find some meaning in spirituality, rather than materialism. It’s suggests surrendering dreams and selfishness for the purpose of something greater. Service to the downtrodden and suffering, is directly indicated here. Also, it’s placed in the sign Cancer, which further suggest heightening the nurturing, empathy qualities of the individual. I suspect this will sound rather familiar to you.
I hope reading this brings you enjoyment.